Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sailing along

The past month has been busy.

School has started back up. 1 class I actually need to graduate (Contemporary Art), 2 classes just to keep health insurance

So a class debrief:

Spanish- fun stuff, professor is a flirt, not getting much out of it, but it should be an easy "A"
Art- it is week 5 and we still haven't received a syllabus. The professor seems lost. He is one of those who says he'll grade based on effort, which translates into he'll play favorites, and he probably doesn't like you.
Women's Studies (yes, it is one of the few classes I could take offered this quarter)- Professor is a cross between trailer trash and a cheerleader. She'll wear slacks and a Marlboro t-shirt that with her stomach hanging out. She is probably 6' with long, blond hair. She starts of class saying "Loves, dears, babes, oooooh I just love you guys. It is so great to see you all here. We need to start the love, I need to feel the love, let's move the desk together and get the love going today."
She also has a marvelous vocabulary- some new words she has taught me thus far:
- Thunkfucked- you had a thought, lost it, so you thunk it, but since you forgot it you are thunkfucked
- Mother shit of anus
- Shitty Mcpity
- Anal mother rectum
- Bitchfuck
- Mother shit
- Anal Fucker
And keep in mind, this is a women's studies class. Does her language portray women in a good light? I'll let you judge.


The principal at my mom's school approached me asking if I would be the lead sub during the state testing. What does that mean? Basically that if a teacher is going to be out on a day we are testing, and the office manager knows it I have first priority to be the sub. It also means I show up everyday and if no teachers are out I get paid to give teachers a bathroom break.

I love that I'm a white boy who knows Spanish. It helps when in the classroom and overhearing kids convos. I really don't want to hear about the "puta" running around campus, or the guy with a really big "pene," or a girl or guy with a really nice "culo."
One gal in a math class I was subbing in last week was telling me that her mom was a big puta and she was planning on following in her footsteps. I asked if I heard what I did and hoped I didn't. Two minutes later she was talking about other "putas" running around campus. I told her I thought we needed to head to the office to discuss professions with the principal and sent her out for being off task, disruptive and foul language.


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